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“Teach”, “Not Train” for alignment in Project driven organization.


Learning organization generally have competitive advantage over the conventional cost driven organizations.

The learning curve is much steeper for learning organization as greater emphasis is given on sharing knowledge, updating information and learning from past experience. This helps in making the operation more effective and efficient.

To improve the performance further and sustain competitive advantage, learning organization need to focus more on Teaching and not just Training.

In my view, Training by nature is more static and applicable to overall awareness to generic requirements e.g. global policies, standards and soft skills related to mind sets.

Project driven organization success is measured by KPIs related mainly to Safety, ROIs on project basis. The project environment is very dynamic in nature and alignment to be ensured on case to case basis. But Why? Because all projects are different and have different goals, requirements and risks.

Adding to above complication of project requirements is Human Capitals, the backbone of any project success. Present Human Resources is multicultural and very volatile. All the company is struggling to keep their competent employee. Specially energy industry is struggling all time high to get qualified employee who understand the business and appreciate the requirements. And to address above issue, organizations have “Employee Alignments” on top of their priority list as it can save or lose the organization their million of dollars.

The learning organization need to to take step ahead and focus more on teaching instead of training. Personal attention is required as the need and approach varies from people to people. Introducing tool like “Mentoring” and “Coaching” will help the organization in quicker alignment. Following action plan shall be followed.

Develop requirement matrix –> Prioritize competency improvement –> Assign Mentor with short time frame –> Set and Manage expectations –> Ensure completion and Closure –> Reward (“Non Monetary”) in form of recognition.

To execute the above action plan, tool is already existing in many company. We only need to execute it more efficiently. The very famous – PMR(Performance Monitoring & Review) process. Company should workout it’s best application to gain maximum out of this.

Appreciate your quick view on following question.

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